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snom technology IP Phones for Business and for the Technically Demanding VAR & MSP


snom technology, based in Berlin, Germany is one of the first IP Phone manufacturers in the world. When ABPTech was founded, the snom IP phone was the first IP phone priced for the SMB space and designed to be based on open standards and to interoperate with any SIP-based IP Phone system. 
snom technology not only designs great handsets but has proven itself to be a leader in IP Phone software development: snom technology has incorporated many innovations that define today's world of IP Phones. snom offers a great value line of robust business handsets with the snom 300 series followed by the popular snom 700 series that include color displays and HD sound. 
On the software front, snom IP Phones have features MSPs love since MSPs can remotely do packet captures and log into phones to see the SIP dialogue between phones and switch which is very helpful to diagnose any problems on a customer's network. 
In addition to desk phones, snom has also crafted some great peripherals like the snom MeetingPoint speaker phone, the snom PA1 Public Addressing Unit (2-way speaker, Ringer and Paging all in one), and a DECT handset for convenient cordless IP telephony.
With many tens of thousands of snom IP phones sold by ABP Tech over the last 10 years the phones have proven their durability. As a matter of fact we still have some of our first units in use. snom has also been proven the IP Phone of choice for the technically demanding VARS, MSP and Cloud Service Providers that want more control over remote configuration, remote maintenance and remote monitoring.







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