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Why Choose QX from Epygi as your IP PBX?

One-Stop Shop for All Your IP PBX Needs: Epygi QX Systems

All QX products have been certified for sale and use around the globe. They are compact, modular and rack-mountable using a kit that can be purchased with the unit. With QX, you can choose the endpoints that work best for you, supporting plug and play connectivity of the best known IP terminals in the market. Add trunking using Epygi QX gateways in conjunction with the QX IP PBXs. QX IP PBX is capable of combining your voice, video and surveillance products in order to create one integrated solution, which allows you to receive 24/7 security updates to your email, video phone, cell phone, etc. All products are guaranteed for a one year and an additional Three-Year Warranty that can be purchased.

                                                               Epygi QX line of IP PBXs


High Availability

QX features a System Security Software which protects against external hackers, who could have the ability to reconfigure your system through eavesdropping, Denial of Service (DoS) or Theft of Service (ToS), plus each line also has the ability to be password protected through the security system. It includes a Firewall security service, configurable on three levels of security, allowing to block traffic based on policies, services and/or IP addresses. QX also uses System Security Diagnostics which runs the security audit and gets reports, generating warnings regarding the system’s weaknesses and detecting security-related configuration issues. Epygi products are well known for their reliability, durability and high availability rate, and for certain QX PBX models (large capacity extension) you can have the ability to be in a 1+1 redundancy design, where a second unit, enabled with a redundancy license, is running as an active standby unit.  


High Availability


Integrates with Your Existing Tools

QX allows users to automatically view, create and update the information for CRM contacts upon receiving inbound calls from customers on the QX, providing integration with Salesforce and Vtiger CRM. Enable click-to-dial and screen-pop from Zoho to enable your sales and support teams to handle calls more effectively. Make one-click calls via QX to phone numbers shown on web pages with Click to Call Chrome. MS Teams users can make calls via QX, as it can be configured with MS Phone System Direct Routing. Make incoming and outgoing calls within the native Outlook interface using the HotCall Add-In application. Dial telephone numbers directly from a Windows on any windows application using the Microsoft Windows software application HotKeyCal.  

Integrates with Your Existing Tools


Enjoy Advanced Call Features

ACD and the ACD Console as a web application to be used by call center agents, supervisors and administrators for monitoring the queues and agents, Call Center Dashboards, Automatic Outbound Calling, Barge In, Auto Dialer, Flexible Auto Attendant with standard and customizable scenarios, and easy to work voice mail with message customization programmed for all the users or per extension. Get the best of the attendant position for being able to program and get: Call History, Call Hunting, Simultaneous Ring, Call Pickup, Call Queues, Extension Status, Call Back, Hot Desking, Multi-Company Receptionist and Emergency Interrupt. Allow the end users to take advantage of these telephony features: 3-Way Calling, Voicemail to Email, Caller ID, Hide Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Recording, DND, Call Waiting, Call Park, Call Waiting, Speed Dials, Intercom, Alarm, Dial & Announce, Call Blocking, Call Screening, Distinctive Ringer and more.  


Powerful Administrative Features

QX allows you to program Automatic Firmware Updates, schedule backups and download the configuration. It also lets you do Automatic Firmware Updates for the installed IP Phones, download Call History reports to track call details on incoming and outgoing calls per extension. Additionally QX includes a SBC feature that allows you to install remote phones taking advantage of the same features, as if they were in the office. Let the users to enjoy of many other features like: Daylight Savings Time adjustment, Custom Language Pack support, Voicemail with customizable system voice messages that can be setup via the phone, flexible time-based or by DID Call Routing, Conference Bridge, Fax to Email, Hunt/Ring Groups, Music on Hold, Find Me / Follow Me Calling, Video Calling Support, Announcements and support for T.38 Fax, Fax Relay and Clear Channel Fax.  


Mobile Softphone

eQall is Epygi’s softphone available for MS Windows and for mobile devices using Android and iOS. It is very easy and quick to configure via QR code. Users can make and receive phone calls, as well as SMS messages using their work extension. Text to group also allows you to sign with a specific name, when texting from a chat group. SMS texting is also available to certain platforms like Twilio, Bandwith.com and soon some others.  


Easy to Manage

ecMON, Epygi’s Cloud-based Monitoring tool, a WEB application platform that allows centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs. Accessible via a WEB browser, ecMON will provide real-time event notifications on QX application statuses. It also allows remote web access to QX devices, and to IP phones located within the same network as the QX, even behind a NAT/firewall.  

All Epygi products are included in ABP Technology's portfolio and are available to sell now.

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