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What is IPTECHVIEW Surveillance and What Problems Does it Solve?

Effortless MOBOTIX Surveillance: MxMSP Simplifies Setup & Maintenance

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILANCE and MxMSP/MxLINQ our specialized surveillance solution customized for MOBOTIX cameras offer a unique way to experience cloud based video surveillance. MOBOTIX is a unique decentralized intelligent cameras that when combined with the MxMSP platform become much easier to install and maintain. It provided customers with an easy to use VMS that goes beyond video with proactive alerts, and access to analytics. Most importantly, it also resolves many problems conventional systems have:


Most surveillance solutions are hard to design & quote, difficult to set up, use and maintain

IPTECHVIEW and MxMSP/MxLINQ were designed to operate on premise as a serverless solution working with pre-configured cameras. Just Cameras and Cloud™.  Our cameras can quickly be set up by personell with minimum installation training, and then be fine-tuned remotely by your technology partners specialist. No local server means simpler much simpler system design & quoting, quicker installation, less moving parts and local support and significant cost savings.


Owners and managers fell locked out from using LEGACY surveillance systems and therefore are not very motivated to buy such a system

IPTECHVIEW & MxLINQ are built like a Web APPs and are easy to use, for anyone without much training. Multi-layered permissions can be set and controlled by management. Single-sign-on with Google, Microsoft, and even ActiveDirectory for the Enterprise version is available now. Making even user management a simple task for your IT team.

It also lets your users fully customize the system, use their devices of choice with our browser based approach and elimnate the need to install software.  The system is also incredibly scalable so your customer can grow from a few cameras per building, to hundreds of camera per location and thousands of locations.

Our platform works with multiple brands eliminating vendor lock-in. 


By gives all users that need of visibility of their spaces secure access, instant alerts, and situational awareness we provide more security and protextion.  Blueprint, Spaces, and time-based recent-activity views and our multiple alert & analytics options  make our system a very advanced complete,yet simple & intuitive, user-friendly cloud video management system (VMS).



IPTECHVIEW was built as a vendor independent access technology for end-users and management and monitoring platform for resellers and it works beyond surveillance by providing access control, IoT for Environmental sensors and controls.

Our platform even monitors and manages itself by monitoring and enabling management of the full network infrastructure, routers,  LTE Modems, backbone switches and POE swithes that run your system.


Most On-Premise Surveillance Solutions don't provide secure full access from outside of the firewall. They also don’t easily support the user’s existing, preferred devices.

With our platform it is not necessary to configure firewalls or open ports. Each Camera uses their own dedicated private tunnel to our secure cloud. Live & recorded video, analytics & alerts are available anytime anywhere on computer browsers, pads, and smartphones. Our true cloud surveillance system connects securely and directly to the cameras and eliminates servers or on-premise boxes. Different users can get different privileges and everything can be managed by you, the Technology Partner, or the customer's IT team if you provide them access. Resellers get full remote configuration, health monitoring, and management. Best of all, it’s all in one platform and no hardware is needed apart from the cameras themselves and their POE switches.




All of the above provides our reseller and integration partners superpowers by enabling their secure access to all their connected projects. MxMSP - Managed Services Platform enables customers' IT team to manage their own systems remotely. Many customers with multi-site projects see this as a key reason to embrace our system. At the same time, they can also get a whole new level of remote services from their trusted partner. Once your IT Team learned about our security and the ease of management they will not want to go back.

Recurring Revenue & Scalability: Benefits for IPTECHNOLOGY PARTNERS

IPTECHVIEW is indeed very unique and offers customers a richer experience, fast learning curve and excellent remote serviceability.

Resellers that embrace IPTECHVIEW and become IPTECHNOLOGY PARTNERS™ get to significantly improve their business model by reducing the complexity and installation time of proejcts and by enabling their sales organization to embrace a much larger geography since support can be done remotely. Last but not least, IP TECHVIEW has a recurring revenue model that provides regular income from each projects for many years to come. Most partners tipically add-on a recurring support component which that they control and bill for themselves. As a result IPTECHVIEW helps partners add a solid recurring revenue component as well as lends itself to expand services with existing partners by adding new components over time like acces control and IoT.

We believe that our model of a functionally highly customizable solution with user based personalization, combined with our support model based on local techology partners that have a relationship with their customer, will provide a better user experience and overall solution than purely on-premise based solutions or cookie-cutter hosted cloud solutions with anonymous call center support. 


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