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Securely Manage Remote Devices with IPTECHVIEW's IPT-SecGate

Secure Remote Management for Decentralized Devices

IPTECHVIEW is a platform for MSPs, Technology Partners or a company's internal IT support team to securely manage, monitor and service all their decentralized IP based devices.

IPTECHVIEW offers secure and almost instant serviceability to a wide variety of products that are natively compatible with the platform that encompasses network infrastructure, IP communications, and IP surveillance. For everything else, there is the IPTSecGate. The IPTSecGate is a device that is paired to the IPTECHVIEW's platform. 

Effortless Remote Access with IPTSecGate

IPTECHVIEW's IPTSecGate allows customers to generate a secure tunnel in the cloud that gives users the ability to safely access their local network devices remotely without risk of mapping inbound open ports in the company's routers. As a matter of fact IPT-Secgate tunnels and authentication are established autonomously from the inside out requiring minimal or no IT support. 

Any device that has an accessible graphical user interface on the remote site is compatible. Common devices paired with the IPTSecGate are network-enabled devices such as: printers, IP phones, IP cameras, routers & switches. It is very easy to manage and configure. Remote sites are given a new layer of configurability and management through a single pane of glass.

Reduce Downtime & Costs with Proactive Management

Being able to remote into your equipment can significantly reduce downtime and save your business money. Taking a proactive approach in equipment management is key in ensuring that the customer’s needs are taken care of. Fixing the problem at the source as soon as possible is paramount in reducing maintenance & keeping upkeep costs low. If the IPTSecGate can prevent the rolling of a truck at least once, it is a valuable investment that should be added to your portfolio.

Configuring the IPTSecGate is simple.

1. Once the IPSecGate device has been added onto the IPTECHVIEW platform, view the entry created in the system.

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2. Use the Vendors Select screen to display what vendors will be shown under the Accessible Devices below.

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Vendors can be filtered out to display only the devices that need to be managed.

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3. To manage a device, click on the settings + icon and set the Nickname as well as the desired port the device will be accessed from.

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This will add the device to the Managed Devices tab, and will create an entry on the IPTechView with the device which can be accessed by clicking the link.

Note: It can take up to 5 minutes to generate a cloud link for the newly added device.

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4. Click on the Cloud Link to access the device Graphical User Interface.

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The device is now accessible from the cloud.


This is a super exciting product that makes the IPTECHVIEW platform almost universally usable to monitor and manage any IP device a company may have and offer an un heard of level of support.



Check out more in our BLUEPRINT-ARTM  blog on how  IPT-Secgate will show even the picture of your printer and special devices on the floor plan and how in the  incase of an alert the device can easily be found on your site's floor plans.



Ask your sales representative to give you a quote for the IPTSecGate today to bring Remote Monitoring & Managing network assets to the next level!


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