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Effortless Cloud Management: MOBOTIX MOVE simplifies Security for SMBs

Cloud Management for MOBOTIX MOVE Cameras

MOBOTIX MOVE cameras run different software than MOBOTIX IoT cameras. This required additional integration effort and support from MOBOTIX but is finally done and we are happy to offer the first true cloud surveillance system for MXMove cameras. No more on-premise NVR or boxes are needed. Move projects, as small as a single camera, are possible and larger projects no longer have a limit and remote management is easy and hassle-free.

Advanced Features: Autofocus, Auto IR, PTZ Integration

MOBOTIX MOVE cameras come with autofocus, auto IR lighting, and other advanced optics features. Some models support PTZ and a wide range of integrated video analysis functions. We really like how the PTZ Integration turned out and are adding a quick video of one of our lab cameras.

Get the best of both worlds! Mix and match MOBOTIX IoT and MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and connect them to MxMSP/MxLINQ for a unified cloud NVR experience. MxLINQ act as the remote viewer, player, and desktop interface for Moborix cameras, and the end-user experience is the same as for regular MOBOTIX cameras.

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