IP Technology Distribution

Raytec lighting provides IR or White light products with high availability and low operating costs. Built with LED, waterproof, vandal proof, and small foot print, Raytec has a solution for your need.

Raytec provides excellent lighting for those difficult situations where enough light isn't available to produce a good image. If you have been in this industry a while you know that lux level is critical. While some cameras produce better images than others, If you don't have enough light, the image will be poor or unusable with a lot of noise that results in noisy images requiring more bandwidth and more storage. Raytec has IR in 850 Nm (LEDs show red) and 940 Nm (covert, you can't see it) that work in conjunction with the monochrome mode of the camera allowing observation in complete darkness. They also have white light models that will illuminate the scene allowing for function of the cameras color mode. With a 10 year projected life span, and low power consumption, Raytec has a model to fit your project needs.

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