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One of the most unique camera systems on the market, Mobotix provides complete decentralized surveillance solutions.









MOBOTIX - The future of Video Surveillance Today

While most surveillance installations are centralized meaning that the brains so to speak are setting in a central location on an NVR or DVR, MOBOTIX has moved all functions to the edge allowing for a decentralized solution with no single point of failure. With resolutions up to 6.2 megapixel and excellent sensors and lenses they also provide some of the highest video quality you will find. Lots of functions you usually have difficulty integrating such as PIR and temperature sensors, RS 232, GPS, outdoor rated PoE, two way SIP audio, enterprise class NVR at no cost, among others are available. You really have to think of Mobotix as a complete solution. Calling it a camera is a disservice.

MOBOTIX changes the concept of video camera to intelligent video agents. With its integrated Linux system, SIP protocol, and state of the art monitoring software you provide incredible advantages compared to analog video technology and conventional web cams. MOBOTIX motion-activated IP-based digital surveillance cameras with over 3 megapixels and audio capture all the detail. The flexibility, functionality and durability of the cameras deliver the quality images that security and monitoring services require, whether that be business, government, retail or manufacturing.

As a result of the Technical Advantages that distinguish MOBOTIX cameras you can create unique and intelligent applications for your customers and save costs using less cameras, less installation costs and no DVR. Security Integrators and Data VARS that decide to incorporate IP surveillance are the ideal technology partner to build and integrate valuable solutions for their end-users margins are good and customers appreciate the value of these mature solutions.

The Benefits

The Decentralized MOBOTIX Concept
Unlike other systems, with the decentralized MOBOTIX concept, a high-speed computer and if necessary, digitallong-term memory (MicroSD Card) is built into every camera, providing several days of recording time. The PC and the video control center now serve only for viewing and controlling the cameras (PTZ), not for analysis or recording. This makes it unnecessary to purchase expensive video management software, as the most important and computer-intensive functions are already integrated in the MOBOTIX cameras.

MOBOTIX video solutions therefore require significantly:

- Fewer cameras 
- Fewer Storage Devices 
- Lower Bandwidth & Power Consuption

Robust And Low-Maintenance
MOBOTIX cameras do not require any lens or positioning motors. Without any moving parts, they are so robust that maintenance is reduced to a minimum.  Since no PC hard disk is required for recording, there are no parts that wear out in the entire video system.

Software Included - For Life
There are no software or licensing costs with MOBOTIX, because the software is always supplied within the camera - for an unlimited number of cameras and users. The software package supplied with the camera also includes a professional control center software used at malls, soccer stadiums, etc. Updates are free of charge.  


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