IP Technology Distribution

Supporting more camera models than any other NVR, Milestone provides an open, flexible solution to support growth and scale of operations

Milestone provides an intuitive VMS software solution that can support an infinite number of cameras. It is highly flexible and user friendly. XProtect Go can be used for free and supports a single server with up to 8 cameras. As applications scale to multi-server with requirements for integration it expands to 64 cameras and beyond that infinity is the limit with XProtect Enterprise, which is centrally managed and supports integration too.


Milestone excels as their software is extremely easy to install and easy to use. They have pre and post sales support and XProtect integrates with and supports add on products like POS, LPR, facial recognition and more.


Try and use Milestone XProtect Go for free (8 cameras).

Download at: http://www.milestonesys.com/Software/XProtect-IP-Video-Surveillance/xpro...

(XProtect Go must be verified within in 30 days of download to ensure continuous functionality.)


Download the full XProtect brochure and read more on software features at the downloads tab.



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