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Create a Future Proof Infrastructure for Highest Bandwidth Over Distance. Effective Network Architecture and Elegant Industrial Design. Save Energy, Reduce Cost Using Fibre Instead of Copper

As a pioneer of fiber-optic technology MICROSENS manufactures Fiber to the Desk FTTO, FTTD solutions for both modern office space and Industrial applications.

Microsens specialize in miniaturized but incredibly robust FTTO products that are low-energy. The MICROSENS portfolio includes desktop switches, media converters, network interface cards, PoE injectors, power supplies for office and industrial applications. Their extremely compact fiber to Ethernet converters with POE or non POE Ethernet micro-switches are ideal for mounting into cable ducts, office cubes or furniture, medical or laboratory workstations and sub-floor installations.


Desktop Switches

MICROSENS desktop switches offer a cost effective way to design and build out a rock solid, modern fiber-based network infrastructure to support the LAN (FTTO). There are micro-switch versions with Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, different port numbers available as well as POE and management options.

The fan-less design of the devices guarantee a noiseless and reliable operation.

Industrial Switches for rough environments

Industrial Ethernet is the second-core market where MICROSENS offers components with high reliability in rough environments and extremely challenging applications such as in the utility, industry and railway sector as well as in potentially explosive underground environments.

Optical Transport Platform

WDM solutions in the area of Optical Transport for operators or data centers, telecommunication provider or larger enterprises is the other area where MICROSENS provides a future-proof platform to support the constant increasing bandwidth demands.


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At ABP we know a robust infrastructure is the backbone and foundation of a business's IT and communictions. There is a large demand for updating and replacing old, unreliable and mismatched equipment with new future-proof infrastructure. Fibre Optics is the most reliable and the most cost effective investment for data transport infrastructure for applications that require ethernet connections over 300' in length.








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