IP Technology Distribution

CyberData makes SIP communications Devices for Intercom, Paging, Emergency phones, IP Stobe lights etc.

Cyberdata is a long -time preferred supplier for IP based paging solutions and emergency intercoms in the education space as well as public buildings of all kinds.


Products designed by Cyberdata have a proven SIP stack that interops well with a majority of  IP PBX platforms. In addition to the software design, the hardware components used create a  robust product that will resist outdoor elements in both cold and hot environments.


The products also are designed for a long and reliable life so they will work when needed which is specially critical for emergency equipment. The Cyberdata products are made in the US and built for quality and longevity.


Last but not least Cyberdata are also a leader in IP Multicast technology and together with ABP's partners have delivered unique solutions for IP Paging.


Cyberdata is a vendor that we can recommend for off the shelf product from our Inventory as well as a technology partner for our Integrators when planning more ambitious new IP project in the emergency Intercom space.

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