IP Technology Distribution

Worldclass Robust SIP Communication Devices for Public Spaces. Door Phones, Intercom, Paging, Speaker Systems and more.

2N Telecommunications is a leading European manufacturer of telecommunications equipment focused on SME, LME and operator solutions serving customers in more than 120 countries worldwide. 

2N combines both robust equipment manufacturing and solid software development in the space of IP Communications products. ABP selected this vendor in 2009 for their quality SIP door phones and accessibility to the 2N development team.
Over the years 2N added a great line of door phones and Intercom devices. This was followed by a IP paging/Intercom and a one-of-a-kind Hi-Fi Stereo IP speaker system for public spaces. Now companies can control and broadcast audio anywhere, anytime in their organizations network.
2N also offers cost effective M2M solutions and wireless calling / SMS platforms for IP telephony integration on GSM/UMTS and LTE standards.

Always consider 2N for access control and intercom projects.





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