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Give your users one of the most straightforward and complete video solutions.

IPTECHVIEWS Surveillance offers ease of use, remote accessibility, security, and business intelligence applications, intelligent alerts & notifications, including universal alarm systems integration, and provides managers and owners with actionable intelligence and the ability to react quickly to circumstances.

IPTECHVIEW works with several premium brands like AXIS and MOBOTIX and now added an additional highly cost-effective, entry-level solutions for the lower end of the market. Projects started with these cameras can always be extended or enhanced with high-end specialty cameras, AI analytics, or special features like thermal, PTZ, explosion-proof housing, or more from our premium camera lines. All cameras work together as a single seamless solution.


The UNIVERSAL cameras are IPTECHVIEW-Ready™. Easy plug-and-play and cloud management with no fixed IP or port forwarding needed. They come pre-configured with a 128GB Mini SD card and their GUI is fully accessible through the IPTECHVIEW platform. All cameras include IR and are audio-enabled with all units except the dome including built-in microphones. For a list of complete features, click here.


Why UNIVERSAL Cameras?

> Market demand for a robust NDAA-compliant value camera line

> Cloud-optimized for low bandwidth operation

> Preconfigured & remote configuration

> Low light & WDR

> Includes AI analytics

How do IPTECHVIEW UNIVERSAL Cameras Stack Up to Low-Cost Cameras?

IPTECHVIEW UNIVERSAL cameras are made for durability. Every SKU universally includes all these options:

> High-quality iimage with 1/2.7" CMOS sensor

> Light Hunter technology for ultra-high quality in low illumination environment

> 120 dB true WDR technology

> Support 9:16 Corridor Mode

> In-camera AI detection for people, motorized and certain non-motorized vehicles

> Smart IR

> Includes 128GB micro SD card upgradable to 256GB

> PoE support

> IP66/67 protection, some models IK10 vandal-resistant


What's the Next Step?

Discover the full line of our UNIVERSAL cameras hereCall to test cameras. 

Click to get the IPTECHVIEW Mini Kit - 2 for 1

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