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Brickcom Announces FB-H200Np WDRPro High-Performance Fixed Box Camera – Great for City Surveillance!

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, announces the new-generation camera line: the High Performance camera series. The cameras in this category have the letter 'H' in the model name and have the following features:

1. 1080p@60fps Video Streaming
2. Exceptional WDR Performance Up to 120dB
3. Simultaneous Multi-Streaming with Various Resolution Options
4. H.264 High Profile
5. Region of Interest (ROI)

The announcement of the High Performance series is another symbol for Brickcom's commitment to bringing the best IP video products to the market. The first member of the High-Performance camera series is the FB-H200Np WDRPro fixed box camera, same spec is also applied to vandal dome and outdoor bullet.

The FB-H200Np WDRPro is available now. For more detail about the FB-H200Np WDRPro, please contact sales@abptech.com.

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