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  • Factory Reset UniData WiFi phone

    It’s a fairly simple procedure.   All you need to do is press the down arrow on the ICW-1000G and then navigate to #7 which reads “Reset to Default”. Then enter the password “000000” and then ...
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  • End-of-Sale Notice Roadmap with Replacement Products

    snom has officially released the product roadmap for their IP phone line for hte next six months:                      Read more about End-of-Sale Notice Roadmap with Replacement Products
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  • 3CX News - July 2015

    TIP OF THE MONTH: Leverage 3CX's Concurrent Call License Model to Promote Cost Savings for SchoolsRead more about 3CX News - July 2015
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  • New MOBOTIX Planning Tool for Lens Selection

    Knowing how challenging it sometimes can be to assess a client's situation correctly, Mobotix just introduced a couple of new planning tools helping you with this task: MX Planning Tool OpticsRead ...
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  • ABP now offers pre-formatted microSD cards for MOBOTIX cameras

    Recording directly to a MOBOTIX camera while certainly convenient, can be a big time hog.  Mobotix uses their own MxFS files system that is more fault tolerant then Fat32 or NTFS and thus the cards...
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  • Metaswitch Demo Program for ITSPs

    Yealink is delighted to announce the launch of this program for Metaswitch service providers who would like to try new phones and offer additional robust options to their end users. This will invol...
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  • DrayTek News

    New DrayTek Routers now Include a Wireless Access Point Controller For those of you eagerly waiting for the 802.11ac versions of your favorite wireless routers, DrayTek has unveiled the 802.11ac ve...
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  • Digium Bits - May 2015

    Digium IP Phones for AsteriskRead more about Digium Bits - May 2015
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  • Why Upgrading Core LAN/WAN Networks is Important

    The move toward higher speed core networking architectures began in the 2000s with the announcement of IPv6 and early virtualization efforts.Read more about Why Upgrading Core LAN/WAN Networks is I...
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  • 3CX News - May 2015

    FEATURE OF THE MONTH:  Integrating IP Door Phones and Intercom Units with 3CX.Read more about 3CX News - May 2015
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