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ABPTech Expands Internationally with ABPTech Canada

The New Canadian Branch will let us serve the Canadian market from within Canada by our new and expanded Canadian Team

ABPTech has been serving Canadian resellers and Integrators for over a decade from the US. ABP Tech Canada will let us serve the Canadian market from within Canada by our Canadian Team. ABP Tech Canada will be covering entire Canadian territory with people both in the East and West of Canada. We are excited that now we can offer our Canadian resellers and integrators a even better level of service and be much more intune with the local market.

ABPTech is a specialty distributor for IP Technology products and focuses on select premium vendors and solutions from world class manufacturers. ABPTech markets solutions from Europe, North America and Asia. ABPTech is a value-added distributor and offers pre-sale engineering, full technical support, partner training as well as provides experienced and effective logistics operations. ABP Tech Canada will offer fast product delivery including Overnight Shipping into all major cities in Canada.  ABP focuses on the following business lines with a comprehensive product portfolio of tested and interoperable products and solution packages in the areas of:

- IP Communications

- IP Surveillance & Physical Security

- IP Infrastructure & Network Security

ABPTech is also famous for its complete “Order Tracking Plus” system that keep integrators informed of all steps in their order delivery process including carrier tracking, detailed per carton packing lists to make deployment of larger projects much easier by reducing delays and eliminating missing parts.

ABPTech Canada provides technical, project and business support and ABPTech’s Online Portal supports Canadian Currency orders and payments.

For more details see our Canadian website www.abptech.ca 

For more information call 647-847-1831 or reach out by email to :

Christian Findt, Operational Director, ABPTech Canada 
christian@abptech.ca  or (647) 847-1831 x125

Neil Smith, Development Director, ABPTech Canada 
neil@abptech.com or (647) 847-1831 x126


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